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Cows Adopted

Joe Bento

Joe ‘s parents migrated from Sao Jorge Azores in search of a better life. Joe’s dad worked in Modesto on a dairy while joe attended Ceres High School. Joe’s dad started his own dairy business on September 1, 1989. Joe worked on the family business until 1999 , then he left to Idaho and managed two dairy farms. Joe returned a few years later and helped start the Valley Gold Co Op and became Vice President. After leaving there Joe started working for a law office where he worked as the agricultural specialist for a few years. Once Joe left the law office he started his own dairy business , for past seven years the dairy business is thriving.

Veer Desikan

Veer was born and brought up in a small village in tamilnadu ,for higher education moved to Chennai City then to Bay Area in search of a better life. Village life taught many things which shaped me to start this sanctuary for our cows. I have been a volunteer for raw milk distribution in tri-valley for the past 7 years. Veer has always felt empathy for animals and has spent most of her life rescuing animals and raising awareness about animal cruelty. Our Cows Sanctuary is a dream come true for Veer and he hopes to engage many people in the mission.

Aditya Dhanuka

Aditya is a seasoned professional with a passion for technology and problem-solving. He has keen interest in the welfare of cows and dedicated to saving and caring for these gentle creatures. Whether it’s through volunteering at local farms or supporting organizations that promote cow welfare, Aditya is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of cows. Aditya believes that cows are not just farm animals, but a vital part of our ecosystem and cultural heritage. They play an important role in maintaining a balance in nature and are also revered in many religions. Aditya’s interest in cow welfare extends beyond just ensuring their physical well-being. In addition to promoting cow welfare, Aditya is passionate about raising awareness about the importance of retiring cows to sanctuary and promoting alternative farming practices that prioritize cow welfare over profit.

Ravi Parakulam

Ravi has called San Francisco’s bay area as his home for over twenty years now. Trained as an organic chemist, Ravi has held various positions in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry. He brings over 5 years of board experience and has served as the president of his home owners association for over 2 years. Being a vegetarian, promoter of philanthropy, Ravi believes in ourcowsanctuary’s mission of a “permanent home” for the retired cows. Ravi is excited to be a part of the team and is honored to serve the community through the board’s endevours.

Sriram Kameswaran

Sriram Kameswaran (Sri) has always loved animals from childhood and grew up in Hindu tradition which believes Cow as a sacred animal. The cow is a symbol of Earth, the nourisher, the ever giving, undemanding provider. Sri has been an active advocate for animal sanctuaries and has acted as animal care giver while he was schooling at Ramakrishna Thapovanam Campus near Tiruchirappalli, India. Residing in Orange County, Southern California, Sri also serves as a committee member in Southern California Tamil Organization, board member in Aram.Community Educational Trust, active volunteer in Hindu temples and as a Board member in Woodbridge High School, Irvine. Sri has volunteered to distribute raw milk in Southern California since 2021 and passionate about nurturing people through the human-animal bond and fostering respect and kindness towards animals and each other.