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What is Our Cows Sanctuary?

Our cows sanctuary is a Non-Profit organization setup to provide a safe and loving home for cows that have been rescued from the meat industries. Our Cow sanctuary is run by dedicated individuals and organizations who are passionate about animal welfare and sustainable agriculture.By donating to or volunteering at Our cows sanctuary, you can help provide a safe and loving home for these gentle and intelligent animals and promote a more compassionate and ethical food system.

Where does my money actually go?

When you donate to Our cows sanctuary, your money goes towards supporting the care and well-being of the cows. This can include:

Food and Water: Your donation goes towards purchasing high-quality food and water for the cows. This can include fresh hay, grains, and other nutritional supplements.

Veterinary Care: Cows in Our sanctuary may have special health needs, and your donation may go towards paying for veterinary care, medications, and other treatments to ensure the cows remain healthy.

Shelter and Infrastructure: Your donation may go towards building and maintaining shelters, fencing, and other infrastructure to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for the cows.

Staff and Volunteer Support: Our Cows sanctuary rely on dedicated staff and volunteers to care for the cows. Your donation may go towards supporting these individuals, including training, equipment, and other resources.

Educational Programs: Our cows sanctuary offer educational programs and outreach efforts to raise awareness about animal welfare and sustainable agriculture. Your donation may go towards supporting these programs and initiatives.

Overall, when you donate to Our cows sanctuary, your money goes towards supporting the care and well-being of these gentle and intelligent animals. It can make a meaningful difference in the lives of the cows, and it can help promote a more compassionate and ethical food system for all.

How do you make sure my donations to Our Cows Sanctuary are spent wisely?

Our Cows sanctuary understand the importance of responsible financial management and transparency. Our sanctuary has strict policies in place to ensure that donations are spent wisely and efficiently. Here are some ways we ensure responsible financial management:

Financial Transparency: We provide financial reports and updates to donors to ensure transparency and accountability. These include information about how donations are being spent and the impact they are making.

Board Oversight: We have a board of directors that monitors finances and ensures that donations are being used appropriately.

Budgeting and Planning: We develop annual budgets and long-term strategic plans to guide financial decisions and ensure that resources are being used effectively.

Donor Relations: We value our relationships with donors and often provide opportunities for donors to ask questions, provide feedback, and provide input on how donations are being used.

How do you ensure the cows are actually saved?

Once a cow is accepted into our sanctuary, they are provided with lifetime care, meaning that they will be able to live out their natural lives in a safe and loving environment. We provide regular updates about the cows that have been adopted to the donors, in the form of pictures and videos. Donors are also encouraged to visit the farm to spend their time with the cows.

How do I know the current state of my adopted cow?

We provide regular updates on the well-being of the cows in our care. Donors who have adopted a cow receive regular updates and photos of their adopted cow, along with information about their health, and overall well-being. We also encourage donors to visit their adopted cow in person. This can provide an opportunity to see the cow in person and get a better sense of their living conditions and overall well-being.

What percentage of my donation goes towards programs?

At Our Cows Sanctuary we ensure that a minimum of 80% – 90% of the nonprofit organization’s budget goes directly towards programs and services, with the remainder going towards overhead and administrative expenses.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, since Our Cows Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, your donations to our organization is tax deductible in USA.

What’s your goal?

The overall goal of Our Cows Sanctuary is to provide a safe and loving home for cows that have been retired from the dairy industry. We aim to give these animals a second chance at life and provide them with a comfortable and peaceful environment where they can live out their natural lives.

In addition to providing care for rescued cows, we also have broader goals related to animal welfare and advocacy.